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PVC doors and windows
Durabilitate – La acest capitol, funcționalitatea se îmbină cu esteticul. Tâmplăria este durabilă, rezistentă la capriciile vremii. Foarte ușor de întreținut, asigură etanșeitate la apă și la vânt și iși păstrează nealterat aspectul în timp. Details here! >
Maintenance of the PVC doors and windows
Întreținerea tâmplăriei din PVC e cât se poate de simplă. Spălarea se face cu o lavetă moale din bumbac, celuloză sau lână, și detergenți neutri sau soluții speciale pentru profile PVC. Details here! >
Moisture condensation
Umiditatea relativă la temperatura camerei trebuie să fie cuprinsă între 50-55%. În momentul în care depășește ultima valoare, aerul nu mai poate reține vaporii de apă și aceștia condensează pe suprafața cea mai rece, care într-o încăpere este sticla sau peretele. Details here! >
Roplasto 7001 MD frame, with 8 chambers, 80 mm
  • With 8 chambers,
  • 80 mm installation depth,
  • Middle sealing system,
  • Glass of up to 50 mm,
  • Hardware.
Roplasto 7001 MD frame, with 5 chambers, 68 mm
  • 68 mm installation depth,
  • with 5 chambers,
  • middle sealing system,
  • glass of up to 40 mm,
  • thermoplastic elastomeric middle seal,
  • various sash versions
Interior and exterior sliding door systems
Exterior shutters with their frames on the outside or on the inside
Can be used in any situation, regardless if it is a renovation or a new construction.
  • They provide optimum comfort so that you and your children can sleep soundly at night, as well as during the day.
  • They are energy efficient: in the summer they provide protection against the sunrays, and in winter they ensure extra insulation for the windows.
  • They prevent intrusions, since it is impossible to open the shutters from the outside.
  • They provide protection from indiscreet glances.
  • They allow for mosquito nets to be installed.
  • They personalize the facade of a building; a wide range of acrycolor colors or timber designs is available.
  • They increase the sound insulation level by means of the polyurethane foam filled aluminum slats.
  • The aluminum slats provide greater stability for the shutters. The shutters can be mounted through mechanical or electrical operation (programmed or unprogrammed wall switch, multi-channel remote control, light sensor, wind sensor, etc.).
Shutters with their frames on the inside:
These can only be mounted together with the doors and windows, when the windows are being replaced, or in the case of new buildings. The shutter box is built into the window opening, above the window, and the guide rails go directly onto the windows.
Shutters with their frames on the outside:
These can be installed even if the windows have already been mounted, and one does not wish to replace them. The shutter box is mounted directly onto the window or on the masonry, in accordance with the customer's request or with the aesthetics of the building.
The shutters can be operated either by means of a cord (string) or a crank, manually, or electrically (with a knob or a remote control). The exterior shutters can be manufactured in a wide range of colors, in accordance with the color of the windows or the customer's needs.
PVC window-sills
The role played by the interior window-sills made of PVC is primarily an aesthetic one, but they also protect the wall.

PVC window-sills are available in a variety of colors. The standard colors, just like in the case of the doors and windows, are as follows: white, golden oak, dark oak, mahogany and swamp oak, but they can also be painted in a wide range of colors. Depending on the dimensions of the wall, window-sills of different widths can be mounted, from 150 mm up to 400 mm.
  • Waterproof, resistant to water and to factors that cause rotting.
  • Resistant to scratches and abrasion.
  • Provide a pleasant appearance to the window by covering the internal wall portion.
  • Resistant to thermal radiation, so sunbeams do not affect the appearance of the window-sill.
  • Resistant to pressure, no deformation.
  • Easy to maintain, resistant to cleaning agents.
  • Do not require painting or varnishing.
Aluminum window-sills
Exterior window-sills are manufactured out of aluminum, and painted in an electrostatic field. The exterior window-sills protect the masonry and the facade of the house against frost, dirt and the infiltration of polluted water. The same way as PVC window-sills, aluminum window-sills are also compatible with all types of doors and windows (PVC, aluminum, plywood). Exterior window sills are made in Greece and are available in sizes between 125 and 300 mm.
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